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About our Recording Studio

About our Recording Studio


Private Records, the recording studio that combines expertise, equipment and mentoring in a safe, encouraging and empowering environment.

If you are a new artist, we are the place for you.


  • We have the recording equipment to produce the highest-level result.
  • Engineering expertise with over 20 years experience in everything from musicianship to technical know-how.  This produces an end result that reflects the vision of the project while maintaining a focus on the details.  This is the difference and will make the artist stand out.
  • Your journey require collaboration, mentoring and coaching on many simultaneous elements.  Private Records and Paul Carroll will give you the support you need.
  • Low overhead equals manageable costs for you.

If you are an established artist, we are the place for you.


  • Paul Carroll has worked with top artists from L.A. to Grammy winning music scores.
  • He specializes in pushing the boundaries and creating breakthroughs in sound and technique.
  • We are able to offer you a top quality product without the large studio overhead.

We believe that the skill creativity and talent of the producer are a recording studio's most important asset and we will do our utmost to achieve your satisfaction.  In addition, Private Records offers 25 years of seasoned marketing and sales experience with the ability to assist in the business aspects of your success.

This two-pronged approach of combining studio expertise with the business elements makes Private Records unique and the better choice.

The process begins with an appointment to discuss and quote on your project (or complete our Free request for quotation) form for faster service.  The most important thing in our recording studio (other than our ears), are our client's files.  We treat all of our client files, from Major Label artists to independent artists, with the same respect and security.

Thank you for visiting our website and considering us for your recording needs.

ATTENTION STUDENTS:  Check out our special student rates and our Free Recording Tips

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