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Get to Know us Better

Get to Know us Better

Private Records is an all-inclusive independent Recording Studio with state-of-the-art equipment to make your project come alive.  Paul and Nancy Carroll are the co-founders of Private Records and the dynamic duo that can offer both technical and marketing expertise.  This is a win-win situation for you, the artist.

The studio is set in a private and personal environment designed for intimacy and expression.  You won't feel nervous or intimidated when you go to get that great take.

The key is our award-winning Producer, Paul Carroll, the secret ingredient that takes your work to the highest level.  The Producer is much like a director in a movie.  He determines the tone of the recording and directs the performances.  Much like a coach on a sports team, the producer gets the best from each artist by identifying their strengths and building on them.  With a clear vision of what the project could aspire to, our producer pursues aligning each detail from beginning to end.

Nancy Carroll, our President, is a transformative marketing leader and strategist.  With her 25 years of executive experience in marketing, brand management, product development and operational leadership, combined with her passion for leading and developing people brings a unique dimension to your project.  Nancy will provide options to bring your image and branding to new levels and put forth a plan of action to help you succeed.

Linda Blundell, Director of Structure completes the team.  This innovative, resourceful and talented lady is all about the details.  Her numerous years of experience in everything from management to accounting, customer service to operations, sales analysis to administration allows Linda to be the big picture thinker and bring inspired solutions to Private Records.  Linda is a forward thinker who thrives on new challenges.

Private Records Inc. is built on three Pillars of Pursuit--Entertainment, Empowerment and Englightenment.  Our purpose is to create a revolution of resonance for positivity by providing affordable and accessible services that exceed our customer's expectations.

The Pillar of ENTERTAINMENT refers to the projects we undertake whose ultimate goal is simply entertainment.  These projects conform to our vision of shedding light in the world, but specifically focus on simple entertainment.  Music and song are a great example of this.

The Pillar of EMPOWERMENT refers to projects like mentorship or coaching programs.  These are focused to convey a greater empowerment to the user, a greater level of ability in any field.

The Pillar of ENLIGHTENMENT is more focused on the spirit.  Here we stimulate the spirit to allow a greater energy into our lives. 

By encompassing all three Pillars, Private Records will entertain and stimulate you into a better life and a better world for us all.

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