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Specialists in On-Site Recording

Specialists in On-Site Recording


Private Records
has years of experience with Location recording.  Many clients choose to record their music outside a studio environment, at home or in a theatre or rehearsal hall.  The location tracks can then be edited in a professional studio.  Overdubs can be added and the final mix done in the critical sound environment of a professional studio.  If this appeals to you, Private Records has the specialized knowledge and skills to make the most of your location and your recording.

We use two different mobile recording rigs depending on the context.  One is designed for more intimate recording--one or two inputs and the other rig for more complex situations, with 24 I/O and additional inputs upon request.  Private Records uses only premium AKG studio microphones both in the studio and on location.  The accuracy of the legandary 414, the smooth detail of the 535 or the classic warmth of the rare C12VR all play the most important part in capturing the tone of your music.  The signa chain in mobile recording can often be shorter than a studio setting.  Patch bays and rack cabling add distance in the cable runs.  A small difference, yet something that can benefit the end result.

Acoustic profiling with the venue assists in finding "the sweet spot" and it's often not where you would normally put performers!  That's why we hear those legends of guitar solos recorded in a bathroom, or the drums recorded in the living room.  Natural ambience and reverb can be a beautiful thing in a recording, yet too much will wash things out and eliminate intimacy.  Just like mixing and mastering, it's always worth it to get the job done right.  The small things add up.  Proper phase correlation, space delay and ambient flanging are small details that make or break the project.  Let Private Records ensure the quality of your location recording project.

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