Meet our Producer
Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll


Producer, Engineer, Musician, Singer and Songwriter Paul Carroll’s unique and diverse background is evident in the passion he brings to each project.  As an artist Paul believes that there are two main criteria for any work: whether or not there is something unique, and if the work comes off the speakers and fills the room that it is in.  To be successful in music is to capture not only the heart but the room also.

Paul CarrollBorn in Dublin, Ireland in 1972, Paul moved to Saskatoon, Canada at the age of nine.  By the time Paul completed high school he was adept at playing nineteen instruments.  Starting out as a drummer it allowed him to understand the flow, rhythm and groove and how to assemble as one.  He then went on to pursue other instruments from that foundation.  The rhythmic ensemble approach is engrained in his thinking and enables him to approach music from the traditional concerto context, where the individual soloist is empowered or contrasted against the rest of the orchestra.

At age 15 Paul was on the road and travelled with numerous bands across Canada and in the next 5 years had played more than 800 venues.  During this period Paul also did a stint in Los Angeles as a session musician.  At age 20 Paul did service work in Guyana in community development and literacy training.  Following this he returned home to complete his University education.

True to his passion, Paul continued in the music industry.  After university he was audio master controller for CBC Yellowknife and ran a recording studio.  He went on to explore diverse projects such as producer, contributing composer, engineer and performer in The Passion of the Christ score, which earned the movie an Oscar nomination.  Other ventures included the creation of numerous scores, including the 2002 Gemini and Genie Award show, feature films both domestic and international, short-films and television themes.  Paul also performed as a drummer at the Junos in 2004 after touring with Bill Bourne, triple Juno Winner and eleven-time nominee.  

Recently Paul has done everything from working with rock bands to pop opera in the capacity of engineer/producer.  He has spent a lifetime learning his craft and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge to create works of excellence.


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